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If you are an entrepreneur, executive, or team leader who desires

  • to build on your skills and leadership presence to be more successful in your daily work,
  • to develop and strengthen your team’s skills to ensure their success,
  • to move your career forward more effectively,
  • to achieve more in less time, or
  • simply, the elusive work-life balance,

Allow us to
Set your Vision in Action!

The Process
This begins with an initial meeting to discuss the issues and concerns as well as determine the overall goals and outcomes.  We follow a four-phased approach. 

  • Phase I:  Assessment – data collection to understand the situation, including interviews, surveys and performance metrics
  • Phase II:  Design – build a customized coaching plan based on the results of the assessment phase, including a development plan to identify critical issues, skills needed, timelines, and desired results
  • Phase III:  Implementation – work together to deliver results based on the Design; results are tracked and measured during progress reviews
  • Phase IV:  Follow up – ongoing follow-up to ensure results “stick”

VIVA Consulting helps people

and organizations recognize the strength and development needs of their people and processes.  We show them how their dreams are achievable.  We challenge them to expect more of themselves and how to obtain their goals by providing the guidance, learning, and support needed to turn the dreams and goals into sustainable and measurable results.

VIVA offers the following to our customers:  Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Management Consulting, and Teambuilding, as well as numerous facilitated workshops that can address topics such as priority management, communication, collaboration, work-life balance, engagement, and effective execution.