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Life’s journey includes at least one, and typically 4-5, major career transitions in a lifetime.  The reasons may include switching industries, a promotion or transfer to a different division, re-entry into the workforce, downsizing, getting fired, or numerous other reasons.  Sometimes there is an opportunity to prepare for this transition; sometimes it is an unexpected change. 

Making a transition, especially one that is forced, is difficult and usually stressful.  Whether you are planning a career move or you find yourself suddenly thrust into a transition, the key is to be prepared. We can provide professional career coaching that will help you get strategic. Begin by understanding who you personally are as a brand, what are the attitudes and skills required for success, how to build and leverage relationships, and how to execute a development plan while researching options.

Once you are in your new role, we can assist with a smooth transition during the first crucial 100 days so that you are set up for long-term success.  Will you succeed in your new role?  Click here to request our free assessment to make sure you have all of the bases covered when you start a new role.


Executive Coaching
As a leader you encounter problems every day … your team is not as productive as you expect; you could be a better leader if you were not so overwhelmed with what has to be done; or that voice in head is perpetuating a limiting belief that you cannot _________ (fill in blank). 

At VIVA Consulting Group we look at coaching as a total process.  It encompasses all issues, all work to be done, and all team members.  Our coaching services are designed to target all levels of leadership.  Our primary objectives for coaching are to:

  • Focus on what matters, so that you spend your time doing the things that have the most impact.
  • Make sure that everyone in the organization is aligned and accountable.
  • Develop leaders who continue to move the organization forward.​

Building effective teams is hard.  Many employees, even at senior levels, lack the ability to build and participate on teams effectively due to the interpersonal dynamics that cause friction and are challenging to overcome. They do not know how to set expectations and create engagement in ways that get great results while strengthening relationships.  At VIVA Consulting Group, we are committed to help you develop your people into top performers and manage interpersonal dynamics across teams. We have a multi-faceted methodology that helps teams be successful from start to finish.  

Give your people the skills and tools they need to create high-performing teams. We invite you to review one piece of our approach, which is a simple assessment to evaluate the conversations different team members are having.  It will open up some new ideas about making your teams more effective and efficient.  Click here to 
request this free tool.

Strategic Planning
Strategy does not have to be complex, nor should it result in extraordinary documents that end up on the shelf and no one ever uses.  Strategic planning can indeed be simple and practical, yet powerful. At VIVA Consulting Group we help provide you with the clarity and focus that will define how your organization will excel in the marketplace and improve financial performance.  Our process helps create a deeper understanding of the external environment and internal issues that impede progress, while crafting a clearer vision and a concreate actionable plan.  

We provide a complete three-part strategic planning and accountability process that allows you to:
1. Answer the most important strategic questions that give your organization an edge.
2. Agree on only the most important priorities required for success.
3. Put in place accountability and metrics to ensure the strategy actually gets implemented by the whole organization.

If you are interested in determining whether strategic planning in your organization is as stress fee and effective as it should be, take a quick assessment to find out. Click here to request it.

Leadership Development
Leading an organization requires resilience, patience, and coping skills. Leaders must perform, maximize business results, and move things forward, while keeping their teams engaged and producing results. 

Our leadership development services will help you build such leaders – leaders with the skill and motivation to exceed goals, enhance performance, drive better business results, and build productive relationships. 

VIVA tailors our leadership development to your specific need by examining individual strengths and development needs so you can understand how they are impacting success.  We will devise and implement a plan with measurable outcomes that will result in the desired changes in performance. There is a simple, powerful tool that can get you and your team focused on the same things, aligned with a common vision and purpose …the Leader’s Dashboard. It captures eight key areas that every leader needs to consider.

The best way to understand the difference the Leader’s Dashboard can make is by trying it for yourself. We invite you to get a sample of the Leader’s Dashboard.  Click here to request a free assessment.

Team Coaching and Development 

One of the main concerns in leading organizations is the frustration that accompanies poor communication and collaboration between individuals, or across teams and business units.  Our team coaching involves two or more individuals on a leadership or executive team.  It includes an assessment of what is or is not working, identifying the end result, and implementing strategies that will build and support an effective environment. The outcomes of our work include measurable improvements in processes, quality, and productivity as well as strengthening leadership skills of your key employees.    

How well does your organization foster collaboration?  Request our no-cost assessment by clicking here.